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Find here the tire for your electric scooter. Wheels, puncture-proof tires, tubeless or tubetype tires. Find what you need to repair your electric scooter Xiaomi, SpeedTrott, Ninebot and many others. We also create tutorials so that you can easily change your tires.

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Everything you need to know about scooter tires

Choosing the right tire for the right use is crucial. When selecting, you need to take into account the type of tire (tubeless, tubetype, solid tire) as well as the size. MoovMoov-Tires-Electric-Scooter

Choosing the right tire for your scooter

Identify the dimensions on the side of the original tire of your scooter. Be careful, some models have different tires at the front and rear. MoovMoov-Pneu-Compatible The dimensions are usually indicated in inches.

Using the right tools to change the tire

Changing a scooter tire is often more complex than changing a bike tire. The main reason? The diameter of the tire being smaller, you have to exert more force to get the tire onto the rim. Arm yourself with Hercules tire levers. MoovMoov-Pneu-Outils We have also created a series of tutorials to help you with your repair. You can also consult our YouTube channel.

Different types of tires

There are different types of tires. Choose the tires that are most suitable for your electric scooter and your driving style. MoovMoov-Pneu-Type

"Tubetype" tires (with inner tubes)

These tires need an inner tube to maintain pressure. These are generally the most used. MoovMoov-Tyres-TubeType

"Tubeless" tires (without inner tubes)

These tires do not have inner tubes. They fit into the rim and a valve allows the tire to be inflated. For the installation of these tires, it is essential to send a large amount of air at once so that the tire fits properly in the rim. To do this, use a valve extension with tire levers. MoovMoov-Tyres-TubeLess

Puncture-proof tires (solid)

These tires have no air inside. They are more difficult to mount but never go flat. Solid-Tyres


We specialize in tires and inner tubes. We create repair tutorials to help you fix your electric scooter yourself.

Installing a solid tire for the Ninebot G30 Max – FRONT WHEEL

Installing a solid tire for the Ninebot G30 Max – FRONT WHEEL

There are different models of Ninebot KickScooter Powered By Segway: Max G30 – Max G30P – Max G30LP – G30D – MAX G30E II – MAX G30LE II – Etc. All of these G30 scooter references have the same wheels and you can follow this tutorial without any problem. We know that this installation is not an easy operation. In any case, we hope that this video will allow you to succeed.

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