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Back to shop Inner Tube 10×2.125 – Bent Valve 70/0

Inner Tube 10×2.125 – Bent Valve 70/0


2 10×2.125 Inner Tubes with 70°/0° Angled Valve.

Compatible with 10-Inch Inflatable Tires: 10×2.125-10×2.25-10×2.5.

Suitable for Pure Air Scooter, Argento Active Evo, Hoverboard, Stroller, and many others!

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10×2.125 Inner Tubes with 70°/0° Bent Valve

Your product consists of two excellent 10×2.125 inch inner tubes with a 70°/0° bent valve, along with 2 valve caps.

70°/0° Angled Schrader Valve

These 10-inch inner tubes have 70° bent Schrader valves that are also oriented at 0°. The 0° orientation means that the valve is aligned parallel to the centerline of the inner tube. To make the right purchase, inflate your old inner tube and carefully check the orientation of your valve.


This product is compatible with the following models

  • Argento Active
  • Decent One
  • Giro Drive X-Drives
  • HX X8
  • KingSong KS-N10
  • Pure Air
  • Turboant X7 Pro
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