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Back to shop Inner tube 8.5×2.00-5.5 – Angled Valve 70/30

Inner tube 8.5×2.00-5.5 – Angled Valve 70/30

8.5×2.00-5.5 inch inner tubes with angled valves, orientation 70°/30°.

To be installed in 8.5-inch tires.

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2 8.5×2.00-5.5 inner tubes with angled valves 70/30°

Two 8.5×2.00-5.5 inch inner tubes with angled valves, orientation 70/30°. These inner tubes are highly durable and perfect for electric scooters, and can be installed in 8.5-inch inflatable tires.

Angled Schrader Valves 70°/30°

These 8.5×2.00-5.5 inner tubes have Schrader valves angled at 70° and oriented at 30° towards the outside (70/30). The orientation of the valve must be taken into account for optimal insertion into the rim. These properly angled valves ensure easy inflation and perfect riding experience.

⚠️ There are two types of 8.5×2.00-5.5 inner tubes with different valve orientations. Make sure to check the orientation of the valve on your old punctured inner tube to avoid confusion. Do not confuse it with the 8.5×2.00-5.5 inner tube with angled valve 100/90.

Compatible Tire Type

These inner tubes should be installed in 8.5×2.00-5.5 inflatable tires. On the sidewall of your tire, you will find the following markings: 8.5×2.00-5.5 – 4P.R. Load Range B – Max Load 80 Kg at 340 kPa (50 psi) – Tube Type – RIM 36×139.7 – N.H.S. – NYLON – Rotation


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