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Inner tube 8.5x2L – Straight valve

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Electric scooter inner tube 8 1/2 x 2L

For Xiaomi M365 / Pro, Ducati Pro Evo 1, Wispeed T855, and many others

Size: 8.5×2 inches

Straight Schrader valve (slightly angled)

Compatibility: front wheel and rear wheel

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Tires 8 1/2 x 2L with Straight Valve

Two 8 1/2 x 2L inner tubes with a straight Schrader valve that is slightly angled on one side. These inner tubes are highly durable and can be installed in 8 ½ x 2 or 50/75-6.1-inch scooter tyres.

They are also referred to as 8.5x2L inner tubes, which is just a different way of writing the same dimensions.

inner tube 8 1 2 x2L

Compatible with Various Electric Scooter Models

These 8.5×2-inch inner tubes can be used on various electric scooter wheels such as Xiaomi (M365 – Pro 2 – Mi 3, etc.), Ducati (Pro1), Wispeed (T850 – T855 – T855 Pro), and many others!

Find the complete list of compatibilities at the bottom of this page.

Straight Schrader Valves

These 8.5-inch inner tubes for scooters have straight Schrader valves (not bent) that are slightly angled outward. This angle allows for optimal insertion on the correct side of your rim. With this proper orientation, inflating your tires will be easy, and your ride will be perfect.

Installation Tutorial for Xiaomi M365

These inner tubes are ideal for the Xiaomi M365 scooter. We have created high-quality videos that will guide you through the process of replacing your punctured 8/1x2L inner tube.

Front wheel :

tutorial for mounting solid tire on Xiaomi M365 front wheel

🎥 Replacing the Xiaomi M365 inner tube – FRONT Wheel

Rear wheel :

tutorial for mounting inner tube and tire on Xiaomi M365 rear wheel

🎥 Changing the tire and inner tube on the REAR Wheel


This product is compatible with the following models

  • Alfawise M1
  • Alfawise X7
  • Ducati Pro1 Evo
  • Ducati Pro1 Plus
  • E-Town Leader
  • GoTrax GXL
  • GoTrax XR Elite
  • GoTrax XR Ultra
  • KingSong KS-N8
  • Lexgo R9 Lite
  • Lexgo R9 Pro
  • Trotty by Telestar 4400
  • Trotty by Telestar 7808 SZ
  • Urbanglide Ride 85XL
  • Viron XI 700
  • Viron XI 700 Pro
  • Viron XI 700 S
  • Wegoboard Runway Plus
  • Wispeed T850
  • Wispeed T855
  • Wispeed T855 Pro
  • Xiaomi 3
  • Xiaomi M365
  • Xiaomi Pro
  • + 14 models
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