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Tyre 10×2.50

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10×2.50 tire for electric scooter (10-inch tire). Inflatable (to be mounted with a 10-inch inner tube)

Maximum pressure: 3.10 bars (45 psi)

Compatible with Dualtron (2 – Eagle – New, etc), Inokim (Quick, OX, Oxo), Kaabo (Mantis – Skywalker), Zero, and others!
See the compatibility list at the bottom of the page.

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10×2.50 Inflatable Tire – To be installed with an inner tube

This 10×2.50-inch tire is the original pneumatic tire that equips the majority of scooters with 10-inch wheels. It is the ultimate reference for on-road use.


Nylon, soft rubber, high-quality manufacturing – it offers an excellent balance of comfort, road grip, and puncture resistance.

Inner Tube Required

This 10-inch tire is NOT a tubeless tire. It is necessary to install an inner tube inside it. The size of the inner tube to be installed is 10×2 or 10×2.125 inches (Check the size and valve orientation of your old punctured inner tube).

Compatible with numerous models

This 10-inch inflatable tire can be mounted on the front and rear wheels of various scooters, including Dualtron (2 – Eagle – New, etc), Inokim (Quick, OX, Oxo), Kaabo (Mantis – Skywalker), Zero, etc…
Feel free to consult the compatibility list located further down on this page.

Example of installing a 10-inch tyre (10×2.50)

🔗 Tutorial on how to install a 10×2,50 tyre on a SpeedTrott ST16


This product is compatible with the following models

  • Dualtron 2
  • Dualtron Eagle
  • Dualtron New
  • Dualtron X
  • Inokim OX
  • Inokim OXO
  • Inokim Quick 3
  • Inokim Quick 4
  • Kaabo Kaabo
  • Kaabo Kaabo
  • Kaabo Mantis 10
  • Smolt and Co Z1000
  • SpeedTrott RS1600
  • SpeedTrott RS1600+
  • SpeedTrott RS2000
  • SpeedTrott RS800
  • SpeedTrott RS800+
  • SpeedTrott RX1000
  • SpeedTrott ST16
  • SpeedTrott ST16-GX
  • Speedway 4
  • Speedway 5 Lite
  • Weebot Maverick
  • Weebot Omaha
  • YeepMe 100 V2019
  • YeepMe 100 V2020
  • Zero 10
  • Zero 10X
  • + 18 models
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