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Back to shop Kit V3-156 reinforced tyre + inner tube 8 1/2×2-156

Kit V3-156 reinforced tyre + inner tube 8 1/2×2-156


Kit V3-156 with inflatable tire and 8 1/2 x 2-156 inner tube
Includes 1 valve extension and 6 cable ties
For Dualtron Mini & Speedway Leger

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Inflatable Tire Kit for Dualtron Mini & Speedway Leger

This kit consists of a V3-156 inflatable tire, an 8 1/2 x 2-156 inner tube with a 110/90 angled valve, a brass anti-backflow valve extension with a built-in small valve remover, and 6 cable ties.

Designed for electric scooters with 8.5-inch wheels (8 ½ x 2 or 8.5×2), specifically for the Dualtron Mini & Speedway Leger by Minimotors.

This kit includes

The CST V3 tire + reinforced inner tube with valve extension and cable ties is compatible with electric scooters with 8.5×2-inch inflatable wheels. It includes:

  • A V3 TIRE: Improved nylon structure and design for excellent traction even in challenging conditions.
  • An 8.5-INCH INNER TUBE: Reinforced and thicker to reduce the risk of punctures and friction. 110/90 angled valve.
  • VALVE EXTENSION: Facilitates tire inflation.
  • MOUNTING CABLE TIES: Included cable ties allow you to mount the kit on your scooter, and we have prepared tutorials to show you how.

dualtron mini tire


The reinforced V3 tire and 8.5-inch inner tube in this kit are the best pneumatic components you can install on your 8.5-inch wheels. With the proper pressure, they provide the best balance of comfort, grip, and puncture resistance.

A Complementary Tool to the V3-156 Kit: Hercules Tire Levers

In addition to the kit, we recommend using Hercules tire levers to make the task easier. As you will see, we regularly use three 30cm tire levers in our video tutorials.

Hercules tire lever

🛒 Order Hercules Tire Levers via this link

Assembly Tutorials

MoovMoov is a leader in creating repair and maintenance videos for electric scooters. To assist you in starting the tire replacement process for the Dualtron Mini, follow our tutorials.
Here are two comprehensive tutorials on changing the tire of your Dualtron Mini scooter.

Changing the FRONT Wheel of Your Dualtron Mini

dualtron mini tire installation tutorial front wheel

🎥 Installation of the V3-156 Kit on the Front Wheel of Your Dualtron Mini

Changing the REAR Wheel of Your Dualtron Mini

dualtron mini tire installation tutorial rear wheel

🎥 Repairing the Rear Wheel of Your Dualtron Mini with a V3-156 Kit


This product is compatible with the following models

  • Dualtron Mini
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