How to change the rear wheel of an ETwow scooter ?

🔗 Tutorial for the front wheel

What you need to change the rear wheel of your E-Twow scooter

Changing the rear wheel of an E-Twow scooter is not too complicated. You will simply need a few basic tools.

The tutorial for changing your E-Twow rear wheel

Unscrew the left screw with an Allen key.


Unscrew the right screw. Be careful not to lose the washer that accompanies each screw.


Remove your old worn rear wheel by pulling it downwards.


Check the direction of rotation of your wheel (indicated on the side of the tire) and then insert your new wheel into its housing.


Screw your new rear wheel back on with both screws on the left and right.


If you often ride on damaged roads or cobblestones, you can put a drop of medium-strength threadlocker on the tip of your screws before putting them back. This will prevent your screws from loosening.


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