Dualtron Mini – FRONT WHEEL – How to change the tyre and inner tube

Introduction: Repairing the front wheel of a Dualtron Mini

Hello everyone, in this tutorial, we will show you our method for changing a tire and inner tube on the front wheel of a Dualtron Mini. We find that this is a relatively technical repair that cannot be done without using good tire levers.

This repair can be quite technical, and having good tire levers is essential. If you have alternative methods or helpful tips to share, please feel free to leave a comment to help the community. Different approaches and insights are always valuable in the DIY community.

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Removing the Front Wheel

Alright, let’s get started. We begin by removing the two rubber covers on the left and right sides of the scooter.

Replacing Dualtron Mini Tire and Inner Tube

Next, release the drum brake cable by unscrewing the small nut attached to the end of the metal rod.

Releasing Drum Brake Cable

Take out the cable from its housing and remove the spring.

Removing Cable Spring

And retrieve the small pin.

Retrieving Small Pin

Then, disassemble the front wheel by unscrewing the nut using an 18mm wrench.

Disassembling Front Wheel

And remove the locking washer.

Removing Locking Washer

Next, repeat the same steps for the other side of the Dualtron Mini.

Then, gently tap on the left and right sides of the axle with a mallet to make the wheel come out downwards.

Removing Wheel Axle

And there, retrieve the two washers and the two spacers.

Retrieving Washers and Spacers

Pull on the wheel axle and remove the removable part of the brake assembly.

Removing Brake Assembly

Removing the Old Tire

Next, remove the valve cap and ensure the inner tube is deflated.

Removing Valve Cap and Deflating Inner Tube

Press on the edges of the tire to detach it from the rim.

Detaching Tire from Rim

Removing the First Tire Bead

Remove the first bead of the tire using tire levers and liquid soap for lubrication.

Removing First Tire Bead

Continue around the tire until the first bead is completely outside of the rim.

First Bead Completely Outside Rim

Removing the Old Punctured Inner Tube

Push the valve inside the wheel, then pull the inner tube out.

Removing Punctured Inner Tube

Removing the Second Tire Bead

Apply soap and use tire levers to remove the second tire bead.

Removing Second Tire Bead

Reassembling the New Tire (Side 1)

Now, we will install the new tire and inner tube. Purchase links are available in the video description.
New Tire and Inner Tube
Check the tire’s rotation direction before mounting it on the rim.

Tire Rotation DirectionThe valve hole is offset on the right side of the rim.
Insert this part first into the tire.

Inserting Rim Part into Tire
Apply some soap around the tire and wheel.
Insert the rim into the tire by pushing gradually with a tire lever.

Installing Rim into Tire

Installing the New Inner Tube

Install the inner tube on the front wheel with the valve on the opposite side of the brake.
Installing Inner Tube
Press on the side of the tire and insert the valve into its housing.

Inserting Inner Tube Valve
Deflate the inner tube completely.

Deflating Inner Tube
Then, install the inner tube inside the rim, making sure no part is sticking out.
Installing Inner Tube into Rim

Reassembling the New Tire (Side 2)

Now, we will install the second part of the tire into the rim. Use zip ties to facilitate the process.
Installing Second Part of Tire
Place the first zip tie around the wheel without tightening it.

First Zip Tie Around Wheel
Then, position both sides of the tire into the rim.
Positioning Tire into Rim
Tighten the zip ties to hold the tire in place.
Tightening Zip Ties
Apply some soap around the tire to facilitate the process.

Applying Soap on Tire
Continue installing the tire gradually onto the wheel, using tire levers and zip ties, until it’s fully in place.

Complete Tire Installation on Wheel
The secret is to progress centimeter by centimeter without trying to fit a whole edge at once.
Centimeter-by-Centimeter Tire Installation

Removing the Zip Ties

Now that the tire is in place, remove the zip ties. You can cut them or open them by pushing the locking tab down and pulling the tie simultaneously.
Removing Zip Ties

Inflating the Front Wheel (Pressure)

Now, inflate the tire to the recommended maximum pressure of 3.5 bars or 50 PSI.
Front Tire Pressure

Reinstalling the Front Wheel

Put the drum back on the front wheel.
Reinstalling Drum on Wheel
Pass the axle through the wheel.
Passing Axle through Wheel
Place both spacers and install the two locking washers in the same direction.
Installing Spacers and Locking Washers
Put the front wheel back on your Dualtron Mini with both washers pointing downwards. The rod that holds the brake in place should snap into the drum notch.

Reinstalling Front Wheel
Reinstall the two external locking washers and tighten the front wheel by putting back the two nuts.

Installing Locking Nuts
Installing Locking Nuts
To secure the brake, install the small pin on the drum lever.

Securing Brake
Then, slide the spring onto the cable and pass the cable through the pin.
Front Brake Adjustment
Put the nut back on the end of the brake cable.
Front Brake Adjustment

Front Brake Adjustment

To adjust the brake, rotate the wheel and listen if the brake pads touch the drum. Tighten the nut gradually until you hear slight friction, then loosen it slightly.
Front Brake Adjustment
Finish by putting the nut caps back in place.

Installing Nut Caps

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