Installing a solid tire for the Ninebot G30 Max – FRONT WHEEL

There are different models of Ninebot KickScooter Powered By Segway: Max G30 - Max G30P - Max G30LP - G30D - MAX G30E II - MAX G30LE II - Etc. All of these G30 scooter references have the same wheels and you can follow this tutorial without any problem. We know that this installation is not an easy operation. In any case, we hope that this video will allow you to succeed.

Introduction: Installing a solid tire on the front wheel of a Ninebot G30 Max

Hello everyone, in this video we will see how to install a puncture-proof tire on the front wheel of a Ninebot G30 Max. So, you will see, it is a tutorial where we still use a lot of tools to succeed in removing the original tire and installing the solid tire. Of course, this is the most effective method we have found and the one we use at MoovMoov.