A healthy electric scooter is a well-maintained electric scooter. To achieve this, we offer you the essential tools and necessary products.

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Tools for repairing an electric scooter

There are several tools that can be useful for repairing an electric scooter. MoovMoov-Outils-Trottinette Here are some tools that are often essential:

Two clamps

To hold the scooter in place during repairs, it is recommended to use clamps to secure the scooter to a table or other solid support. Don't forget to protect your table by placing cardboard or a cloth underneath your scooter.

Metal tire levers

These tools are used to remove the tires from the scooter and mount them once the repair is complete. These are essential tools for many scooter models. 🛒 Hercules tire levers

Valve extension

To easily inflate the tires of your electric scooter, you can use a valve extension. This accessory makes it easy to inflate the tires because many pump nozzles do not fit in the space provided on the small scooter rims. 🛒 Valve extension with tire lever

Allen keys

Allen keys are a very useful tool for unscrewing and screwing hexagonal head bolts (also called Allen bolts). They are available in different sizes to fit different bolt sizes. It is recommended to have a complete set of Allen keys with the most common sizes (from 3 to 10 mm, for example) to be able to intervene on most of the bolts of your electric scooter. Some Allen keys are also equipped with a T-handle for better grip and greater precision. It is important to choose quality Allen keys to avoid them breaking or deforming during use. It is also recommended to clean and oil them regularly to keep them in good condition.

Flat keys or adjustable wrenches

They can be used to loosen or tighten bolts and screws on the scooter. It is recommended to have a variety of adjustable wrench sizes to fit different parts of the scooter. Flat keys are usually made of steel and have a rounded shape with a flat end that fits into the head of the bolt or nut. They are generally used to tighten or loosen large nuts or bolts that cannot be reached with an Allen key. The most common sizes range from 8 to 22 mm to be able to work on most bolts and nuts of your electric scooter.


A screwdriver can be useful for removing the cover panels and accessing different parts of the scooter. It is recommended to have a flat head and Phillips screwdriver to fit different screws.


They are essential for any electric scooter repair. They allow you to hold small parts firmly and handle them precisely. Be in possession of one model of each type of pliers:
  • Needle nose pliers: these pliers are ideal for reaching difficult-to-access places. They are particularly useful for unscrewing or screwing small bolts or screws.
  • Flat pliers: these pliers are useful for holding in place flat parts, such as washers or nuts. They also allow you to hold smooth parts firmly.
  • Cutting pliers: these pliers have sharp blades and are ideal for cutting electrical wires or plastic.

A multimeter

A multimeter can be useful for testing the electronic components of the electric scooter, such as the motor, battery, and controllers.It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the electric scooter to know what tools are necessary to perform repairs. It is also recommended to follow appropriate safety precautions when working on an electric scooter, such as disconnecting the battery, wearing gloves and protective glasses.

Consumables to have:

Here are some consumables that may be useful when repairing your electric scooter:

Liquid soap

Liquid soap can be used as a lubricant to make it easier to mount the inner tube and tire on the rim when changing a flat tire. It can also be used to clean the parts of the electric scooter.


This product is very useful for unscrewing stuck bolts that may prevent the disassembly of certain parts of the electric scooter. It can also be used to lubricate certain parts and prevent them from rusting.

Cloth or paper towels

Paper towels can be useful for cleaning the parts of the electric scooter and eliminating grease or soap residue. They can also be used to wipe your hands when working on your electric scooter.


Grease can be used to lubricate the mechanical parts of the scooter and prevent them from rusting. It can be applied to bearings and other mechanical parts. It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not use products that could damage certain parts of your scooter. It is also recommended to always follow the precautions for use of the products you use to avoid any risk of injury or accident.


We specialize in tires and inner tubes. We create repair tutorials to help you fix your electric scooter yourself.

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