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Valve Extension 4cm


4cm Valve Extension with Valve Core Remover for your electric scooter and other vehicles.

An ideal tool for easily inflating your tires, especially for hard-to-reach valves.

Perfect for the front and rear wheels of your Xiaomi M365, and many more!

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Valve Extension with Built-in Valve Core Remover

This small valve extension will make tire inflation easier for you. It has two key features: the valve closes automatically at the end of inflation thanks to the anti-backflow option.

4cm valve extension

Perfect for Scooters and Other Vehicles

This Schrader valve extension is compatible with electric scooters as well as other types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, and bicycles. The valve size is standard for various types of tires.

Ease of Inflation

The adapter is perfect for assisting you in inflating your front wheel. This valve extension is compatible with models such as Xiaomi M365, 1S, Pro, Pro 2 Essential, Dualtron Mini, as well as Wispeed T850, T855, Dualtron Mini, and many more!

dualtron valve extension


The 4cm length allows for easy tire inflation. It features quick and easy screwing and unscrewing, and the anti-backflow mechanism prevents pressure loss, unlike traditional valve extensions.


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