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Tubeless Tyre Valve 24mm

Tubeless Tire Valve – Pack of 2

Compatible with Ninebot Max G30, Xiaomi M365 Pro 2, Ducati Pro 2 Plus, Jeep 2XE Adventurer, and many more!

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Tubeless Tyre Valve for Scooters

This set includes two high-quality small tubeless valves specifically designed for electric scooter wheels and vehicles with limited space between the wheel and the rim (for tubeless tires). These Schrader-type valves are extremely airtight. Additionally, the valve core can be unscrewed, allowing for quick tire inflation by injecting a large amount of air or adding sealant inside the wheel for enhanced performance.

tubeless tire valve

Compatible with Various Electric Scooter Tubeless Tires

These tubeless valves can be installed on the wheels of many scooters, including Ninebot Max G30, Xiaomi M365 Pro 2, Ducati Pro 2 Plus, and Jeep 2XE Adventurer. You can find a detailed compatibility list at the bottom of this page.

Valve Dimensions

The careful design, superior craftsmanship, and use of high-quality materials ensure that you receive a reliable, long-lasting product. These high-performance rubber valves are designed to fulfill their function successfully and provide a perfect seal from the inside of the rim at the valve hole.


This product is compatible with the following models

  • Dualtron 3
  • Dualtron Thunder
  • Dualtron X
  • Ducati Pro 2 Plus
  • Inmotion S1F
  • Jeep Adventurer
  • Kaabo Mantis 8
  • Ninebot Max G30
  • Speedway 5
  • Xiaomi 3
  • Xiaomi M365
  • Xiaomi Pro
  • Zero 11X
  • + 3 models
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