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Back to shop Inner Tubes 255×80 (10×3) – 60/45 Valve – for Electric Scooters

Inner Tubes 255×80 (10×3) – 60/45 Valve – for Electric Scooters

255×80 Inner Tubes, also known as 10×3 – 2 units

60°/45° Bent Valve

Compatible with certain Electric Scooters

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255×80 / 10×3 Inner Tubes with 60/45 Bent Valve – Perfect for Electric Scooters

Discover the 255×80 inner tubes, also known as “10×3 Inner Tubes,” with a 60/45 bent valve, specially designed for electric scooters.

This product includes two durable inner tubes, perfectly suited for inflatables tires sized 255×80 / 10×3 (10-inch tire). These inner tubes are versatile and compatible with various models of electric scooters.

An important detail, the valve orientation!

Their 60° bent valve angled at 45° outward (60/45) makes them easy to install in the rim and ensures effortless inflation and a perfectly balanced ride. Choose quality and durability with our 255×80 inner tubes with 60/45 bent valve from MoovMoov.

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