How to disassemble the front wheel of a Xiaomi M365 Pro scooter ?

If you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown, losing your temper, or having an aneurysm, we hope these tips will greatly help you, and the phrase “it is impossible to unbolt the front wheel” will be forgotten.

Our tips on how to disassemble the front wheel of a Xiaomi M365 electric scooter

Here are the different tools we use in the tips below:

18mm open-end wrench
2.5mm Allen wrench
Rigid tube

TIP 1: Remove the cover

Use a 2.5mm Allen wrench to unscrew the 4 small screws that hold the plastic cover of the front fork. This will allow you to slide your 18mm open-end wrench between the cover and the fork. By doing this, your tool will cover the entire surface of the nut, providing a better grip.

Removing front wheel cover of Xiaomi M365 Pro

TIP 2: The magic of WD40

Use WD40 to loosen the nut that is tightened with thread locker. Apply a generous amount of WD40 and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, apply a few more drops and wait for another two minutes before unscrewing the front wheel of your Xiaomi scooter.

Loosening the nut with WD40 on Xiaomi M365 Pro

TIP 3: Utilize your body weight

Maximize your strength by positioning your open-end wrench in front of the wheel so that you can press down on it with the full weight of your body. This will be much easier than trying to unscrew the nut while pulling your open-end wrench upward.

Using body weight to unscrew the nut on Xiaomi M365 Pro

TIP 4: Leverage

Harness the power of leverage – this technique is unbeatable! Insert your wrench onto the “stuck” nut of the front wheel. Then, place a long, rigid tube over your wrench and press down on the entire setup. You’ll be amazed at how much it amplifies your strength.

Using leverage to unscrew the nut on Xiaomi M365 Pro


Don’t tinker with disposable, low-quality tools. Invest in good-quality equipment that will last a lifetime. It will save you from numerous issues in all your repairs, and you’ll be happy to own and use them.

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