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How to Replace the front tyre of the E-Twow Booster e-scooter

Introduction: Front Wheel Repair for E-Twow Scooter

We will see how to change the front tire of an E-Twow scooter.
Repair can be done with the right tools.

Required equipment:

🛒 E-Twow Front Tire

🛒 Hercules E-Twow Tire Levers

Removing the Front Wheel

Remove the plastic covers from the front fork.
Unscrew the small screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

removing front fork covers
Unclip the cover.

unclipping front fork cover
Also remove the cover from the other side.

removing cover from opposite side
Disconnect the motor by cutting the small zip ties of the protective cover.

disconnecting motor
Remove the cover and disconnect the motor by pulling on the connector parts.

removing cover and disconnecting motor
Remove the front wheel of the E-Twow scooter by unscrewing the nuts with an 18mm wrench.

removing front wheel

Opening the Front Wheel – Motor

Unscrew the 6 screws of the motor flange with a 4mm Allen key.
unscrewing motor flange
Also remove the nut and washer.

removing nut and washer
Remove the motor flange by inserting flathead screwdrivers or Hercules tire levers between the flange and the tire.

removing motor flange
Lift the flange by leveraging it.

lifting motor flange
See the interior of the motor, be reassured, and work on a clean surface.

viewing motor interior

Separating Rotor and Stator

Remove the nut and washer from the other side, insert an Allen key into the wheel’s axis.
removing nut and washer
inserting Allen key into wheel's axis
Place the assembly on the ground and push the tire downward.

pushing tire downward

Removing the Old Solid Tyre

Place a can on the ground and push the tyre out by pressing on the edges.
removing old tire
pushing tire downward
old tire removed

Preparation for Assembly

Place the new tire in boiling water for 10-15 minutes to make it more malleable.
placing new tire in boiling water
Check the tire’s rotation direction and its alignment with the stator.

checking tire's rotation direction

Installing Your New 200×45 Tyre

Place the tyre over the stator and use liquid soap to facilitate the assembly.
installing new tire
Pass the tyre levers between the tyre and the rim to bring them around the wheel.

passing tire levers between tire and rim
Press the tyre with your feet to properly install it around the wheel.

installing tire with feet
tire installed around the wheel

Reinstalling the Motor and Closing the Front Wheel

Insert an Allen key into the rim hole and place the motor axle in the Allen key.
placing motor axle in Allen key
Position everything correctly and lift the wheel until the effect of the magnets.

lifting wheel until magnet effect
To close the wheel, gradually tighten the 6 screws.

closing the front wheel

Mounting the Front Wheel on the Scooter

Put the washers and nuts back on the front wheel axle.
putting back washers and nuts
wheel back on the fork
Reconnect the motor by aligning the arrows and put the plastic protection back on.

reconnecting motor and putting back plastic protection
Finish the tire replacement by screwing the covers back on.

screwing the covers back on

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