How to Replace the front tire of the E-Twow Booster e-scooter

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change the front wheel of your E-TWOW Booster. You will learn how to disassemble your front wheel (motor), remove your old puncture-proof tire, and install a new one.

Tutorial to replace the front tire of your E-Twow Booster scooter

In this tutorial, we show you how to change the front wheel of your E-Twow Booster. You will learn how to disassemble your front wheel (motor), remove your old puncture-proof tire, and install a new one.

Intro: Repairing the front wheel of the E-Twow Booster.

We will see together how to change the front tire of an E-Twow scooter. At first glance, this may seem like a complicated repair, but you will see that with the right technique and proper guidance, it is a repair that is easily achievable even if you are not a seasoned handyman. You will need the following tools:

Remove the front wheel

So let’s get started. We’ll begin by removing the plastic covers from the front fork by unscrewing the two small screws with a Phillips screwdriver.Removing the cover from the front wheel of the E-TWOW Booster

After unscrewing the two screws, you can unclip the cover.

And you also remove the cover from the other side.

Now we’re going to disconnect the motor. So we’ll simply cut the two small zip ties on the protective cover. Remove the cover. And disconnect the motor by simply pulling on the two parts of the connector. And now, we can remove the front wheel of our E-Twow scooter, by unscrewing the two nuts, located on the left and right side of the wheel, with a 18mm wrench. Removing the wheel from the electric scooter

Open the front wheel – motor.

Next, using a 4mm Allen key, we’ll unscrew the 6 screws of the motor flange, on the side where the cable is located.

Unscrewing to remove the motor from the front wheel of the e-scooter

And we also remove the nut and washer. After doing that, we will be able to remove the motor flange. To do this, we simply need to insert good flat screwdrivers, or Hercules tire levers, opposite each other between the flange and the tire. Use the tire levers to remove the tire And lift the flange by leveraging it upward. So now we can see inside the motor, we know it can be intimidating, but really don’t worry. Just make sure to have a clean work surface and everything will be fine.

Separate the rotor and stator

Next, we’ll remove the nut and washer from the other side and insert an Allen key inside the axle of the wheel. Separating the rotor and the stator And then we’ll place our small assembly on the floor and push the tire down, not to remove the rotor from the stator

Remove the old solid tire

Now you can place a can or other cylindrical object on the ground and place the tire in the middle. And we’ll simply remove the tire by putting our feet on the edges. How to remove a tire from an e scooter

Preparation for assembly

Next, we’ll put boiling water in a container and soak our new tire in the hot water for 10-15 minutes to make it more pliable and easier to install. Next, we can take our tire out of the hot water and carefully check its direction of rotation. The direction of rotation is indicated on the side of the tire and the arrows on the tire should point towards the front of the scooter. And don’t hesitate to place the stator next to the tire to make sure you don’t make a mistake during assembly.

Install your new 200×45 or 200×50 tire

For mounting the new tire, we recommend the following technique: Sit comfortably and place the tire above the stator. How to install a new tire for an e-scooter Then put a small drop of liquid soap around the tire, so that it slides more easily. Now you can put the first part of the tire around the wheel and place your feet over it. Then we pass our tire levers between the tire and the rim and push it outward to fit it around the wheel. Then you can stand on the tire so that it is perfectly installed around the wheel.

Putting the motor back in place and closing the front wheel

Now we’ll pass an Allen key through the hole in the rim. Reinstalling the motor into the wheel We place the motor axle in the Allen key. We position everything parallel to each other. And we lift the wheel until the magnets take effect. Be careful with your fingers ⚠️⚠️⚠️ If the rotor is not inserted all the way as it is here for example, then simply push it with your fingers while pressing on the wires. Now we put the motor flange back in its housing and you can put a small drop of soap on the edges to make it easier to fit. And we close it all up by screwing in the 6 screws gradually.

Mounting the front wheel on the scooter

We put the washers and nuts back on the front wheel axle.Putting the wheel back on the electric scooter And we put the wheel back on the fork. Next, we connect the motor by aligning the two arrows. We put the plastic cover back on. And we finish our tire change by screwing the two covers back on.