Change the REAR WHEEL of a Dualtron Victor scooter – Tyre and Inner Tube

We're going to show you how to take off the rear wheel, remove the old inflatable tyre and take out the punctured inner tube. To then install a new 80/65-6 Road with a new 10 x 2.50 inner tube with a 90/90 knee valve.

Intro : repairing back wheel Dualtron Victor

Hi everyone and welcome to our new MoovMoov tutorial!
In this tutorial we’re going to look at how to change the tyre and inner tube on the rear wheel of an electric Dualtron Victor scooter. We tried to make sure that this video is as complete as possible so that you have all the information you need to succeed!

Remove the mud guard

So let’s begin by unscrewing the mud guard. It is fixed with 4 screws. 2 on the left part of the back fork. And 2 on the other side.

To take it off, you just have to unscrew the two screws on the left side. And you can then unscrew the two bolts on the right.
And take it all off. So here we’ve just unscrewed the two mudguard screws with a long 4mm allen key.

To access these screws more easily, here is a little technique that we like to use : Put a ratchet strap around the tyre. Check that there isn’t air left in the tyre. And squeeze the wheel.
That allows us to reduce the circumference of the tyre and have more space to unscrew the mud guard screws.

Now remove the strap. Unscrew the two nuts with an 18mm allen key. And take off the two washers.

Removing the arm from the rear fork

Now you can remove the right arm from the back fork.
For that we have two techniques.

Technique 1: place a cloth inside the arm to protect it.
Get a long allen key.And hit it with a hammer to get the arm out of its axle.

Technique number 2: you can use a little extractor tool. Just place it on the axles of the fork and pull the arm out.

Separate the rear wheel from the motor

Now, you can take off the 6 screws from the rim. If this is the first time that you’re unscrewing them, it’s possible that there is threadlocker on the screws, making them really tight. So to avoid damaging a screw, we advise you to use good allen keys, put some WD40 on and heat each screw well with a heat gun before unscrewing them.

And now we can take off the rear wheel of our Dualtron Victor

Take off the two rim halves

Take out the two rim halves. And pull out the punctured inner tube.

Take out the inner tube + tip

If your tyre is still good and you intend on reusing it, here is a little tip that will enable you to easily find the part, where maybe there’s a nail hidden that could puncture your new inner tube. Before taking out the inner tube, using a felt-tip pen or a bit of sticky tape, mark on the tyre where the valve is located.

Then take out the punctured inner tube and inflate it. Once you’ve done that, plunge the tyre in water to find the puncture.

And then you can closely examine the area where there might be debris stuck.

Fitting the new Road 80/65-6 tyre

Now you can move on to fitting your new tyre. Begin by checking the direction of rotation which is indicated on the side of the tyre.

Place the inner tube inside, with the valve pointing towards the right.

Placing rims on the tyre

Next put the two rim halves back on the tyre. You can put an allen key between the holes to correctly position them, making sure that they are facing each other.

Be sure to check that no part of the inner tube is touching the rim. So that it doesn’t get pinched when you close everything. It’s not mandatory at all, but to make it easier to put the wheel back in place, we like to hold the two rims together with two zip ties.

Installing the repaired back wheel on the motor

Before reassembling the wheel, I like to take the opportunity to thoroughly clean the motor and degrease the brake disc. Then I add a small amount of WD40 so that the rim slides easily around the motor.

And I center the wheel in front of the holes.

Screwing the rear wheel onto the scooter

And then you can screw on the 6 screws one by one.

When everything is tightly screwed, I tighten the new tyre with the strap.

Reffiting the Dualtron rear fork

And I put some WD40 on the two axles, so that the arm slides more easily.

Next position the arm on the two axles. It requires a little precision and you need to really focus on what you’re doing. And when you’ve successfully aligned the cogwheels, tap the arm into place with a mallet.

And then you can:
– Re-attach the mud guard by tightening the two screws.
– Replace the two washers.
– Tighten the two nuts.

Tyre pressure Dualtron Victor

And inflate the new tire of your Dualtron Victor.